Top Ten Intriguing Photos Found on my Child’s IPod, Part 2

You have seen photos in my child’s Ipod before.

But you haven’t seen these recently discovered intriguing gems:

10. This is the time my daughter got arrested. Or something like that.


9. Then they hauled her away in a police car. Or something like that.


8. An attractive photo of my brother that she created with an app.


7. Look away now if bodily functions offend you. This is a picture she took of herself while holding her guinea pig who was simultaneously pooping.


6. And speaking of bodily functions, there’s this meme I found on her iPod as well. She may or may not have found this on my phone and sent it to herself.


5. A picture of some weird game she likes. I don’t want to know what that character is on the left.


4. Pictures of greeting cards with cats on the cover. She took these pictures at the post office one day.




3. Some man I don’t know. I’m sure he appreciates being made into a bunny.


2. Some woman I don’t know. Seems legit.


1. Some people singing. And maybe dancing. And maybe praising Jesus.


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